Wednesday, February 21

Pressure of Life

I have been feeling life's pressures lately, so this article was very timely. As usual Ann has a way of putting things in perspective and into words in ways I never could.

Saturday, February 10

Crazy Year So Far

This year has been absolutely crazy, it seems. In January I got absolutely nothing done, and I finally realized it was mostly due to potty training Abigail. For weeks I was setting the timer every 20 minutes and taking Abby to the bathroom. Even with the frequency of visits, she was still having several accidents a day, which meant tons of laundry and cleaning up. We now have made quite a bit of progress with her. She still is having a few accidents a week, but mostly she is going on her own, thankfully!!

We've also had sicknesses and other out-of-the-ordinary things, like snow! We really enjoyed the snow and would like to see more of it, but it did bring things to a standstill around here for several days, including having hubby work from home for almost a week which is sure to create non-productivity around here.

So this month I have been catching up on everything that didn't get done last month. I went to take a neighbor to Longview, Washington, earlier this week and our van wouldn't start! It turned out to just be a drained battery due to the back hatch not completely closing, but we had to have it towed to Beaverton and were without it for a couple days. Everything was covered by our warranty, so we weren't out any money, just inconvenienced a bit.

I got caught up on Ryan's and Abby's blogs yesterday, and today I'm finishing up laundry and Valentine's Day things, hopefully. Maybe next week will feel more like a "normal" week since I won't be starting it off with tons of piled up housework and errands and things to do! I do need to get our taxes done soon too, but I think I can do that next week.


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