Friday, July 21

It's Been a Year

I can hardly believe that today a whole year has passed since I first began blogging. This is my 101st post which means I have posted an average of almost two posts per week, far more than I thought I had done. I often have thoughts rolling around in my mind that never make it to this blog since the kids' blogs are my first priority. Though I'm sure the Lord has a plan in keeping some of those things from ever being said! Many thanks to those of you who faithfully read my humble blogs and even comment occasionally. When I get a comment or someone signs my guestbook, I am always amazed that anyone took the time to read my meager offerings.

Sunday, July 16

Elizabeth T. King

The way may at times seem dark, but light will arise, if thou trust in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him. That light may sometimes show hard things to be required, but do not be distressed if thy heart should rebel; bring thy unwillingness and disobedience to Him, in the faith that He will give thee power to overcome, for He cannot fail. "Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world," so keep close to Him, and the victory will be won. But do not, I beseech thee, neglect anything that is required, for disobedience brings darkness; and do not reason or delay, but simply follow the leadings of the Holy Spirit, and He will guide thee into all peace. --Elizabeth T King.

Friday, July 14

God's Promise

As Abby and I were leaving urgent care Wednesday evening, we saw this pretty rainbow. We get to see a lot of them where we are living now, and I am always excited to be reminded once again of God's promise (one of His many promises). Of course the picture doesn't do it justice.

Friday, July 7

Relationship with God in the Midst of (Crazy) Family LIfe

Thanks, Ann. Your posts are often exactly what I need, exactly when I need it.

New Website, New Blog

I have been working on a family website for almost nine months. I have had trouble getting it to look like I wanted in all the major browsers. It is still a work in progress, but at last I think I've finished tweaking how it looks and am concentrating more on content. So if you're interested, click on over to my home page and check it out.

I also created a new blog several months ago (yikes, not another one!) to track our homeschooling progress. It's called Teaching Mommy. I don't update it very often since our homeschool is a modest venture currently, but please feel free to browse it as well.

Thursday, July 6

How to Do the Job You Don't Really Want To Do

Here is yet another wonderful devotion from Elisabeth Elliot.

Certain aspects of the job the Lord has given me to do are very easy to postpone. I make excuses, find other things that take precedence, and, when I finally get down to business to do it, it is not always with much grace. A new perspective has helped me recently:

The job has been given to me to do.

Therefore it is a gift.

Therefore it is a privilege.

Therefore it is an offering I may make to God.

Therefore it is to be done gladly, if it is done for Him.

Therefore it is the route to sanctity.

Here, not somewhere else, I may learn God's way. In this job, not in some other, God looks for faithfulness. The discipline of this job is, in fact, the chisel God has chosen to shape me with--into the image of Christ.

Thank you, Lord, for the work You have assigned me. I take it as your gift; I offer it back to you. With your help I will do it gladly, faithfully, and I will trust You to make me holy.

Saturday, July 1

Feature Blog

Update: Not long after I featured her blog here, she moved her blog. The links are to her new blog, but the specific posts I mentioned, link back to her old blog.

When we lived in Memphis we were privileged to become friends with a woman named DebbieLynne. She has her own blog now, and I wanted to feature it here. It's called Joyful Christian Lady's Museum, and it often features artwork she has done. Though it's not her defining characteristic, I do want to point out that she has cerebral palsy and does all her artwork and typing from a wheelchair using a headstick. I've watched her type with her headstick, and it is a tedious, time-consuming process. I can't even imagine how she is able to draw with it!

She recently wrote a post that I thought was very thought-provoking. I pray The Church will indeed step up to the plate, not just when the government can no longer fill the need, but I have not been good at meeting the needs of disabled people myself, and I am currently praying and asking the Lord what He would have me do. If you're also wondering how you can serve, perhaps you can read her latest post, as she was gracious enough to post some ideas.

Lord bless you, DebbieLynne!


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