Friday, July 7

New Website, New Blog

I have been working on a family website for almost nine months. I have had trouble getting it to look like I wanted in all the major browsers. It is still a work in progress, but at last I think I've finished tweaking how it looks and am concentrating more on content. So if you're interested, click on over to my home page and check it out.

I also created a new blog several months ago (yikes, not another one!) to track our homeschooling progress. It's called Teaching Mommy. I don't update it very often since our homeschool is a modest venture currently, but please feel free to browse it as well.


Beth said...

Checked it out...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your homepage! Now, tell me...did you write all the HTML yourself, or did you use an editor? I am ready to change Julia's website server, but can't find another one I like well.


Kim said...


Yes, I did write the HTML and CSS myself, though I found lots of help online. Comcast is currenlty hosting my site because we have some free space with our account, but I really don't like it much. I'm thinking of moving it someplace else...someplace cheap though. ;)


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