Thursday, January 26

We've Moved

Well, it finally happened. We closed on Thursday and moved on Friday. It was not a smooth move (more in a later post), but we're now residing in our beautiful new home!

Thursday, January 12


Well, after much stress and confusion (mostly due to the way our builder deals with prepaids and upgrade costs), we finally signed the loan documents for our house yesterday. It was a long two-hour process, but thankfully, the kids were really well behaved (what a blessing!) so we were able to get done as fast as possible. Hopefully we will record and fund today, but most likely it will be tomorrow. So we will be taking possession in the next day or two, and we can actually move in!

We took a look at the house again yesterday, and they did all the interior touch-ups (well, almost all), and they are scheduled to finish them up today. We won't be able to get some of the exterior things done until this rain stops long enough for things to dry out, but that could be May for all we know, so we're going ahead and closing. Most of our neighbors are in the same situation, and I noticed yesterday that they don't have gutters painted and little exterior touch-ups done either. Fortunately, our builder is just starting on the last dozen or so houses in the subdivision and will be right up the street for months to come.

Tuesday, January 10

Thank God our furnace went out...

...after we sold our house! Our furnace was working great on Saturday morning, but then it never came on again. It's been a little chilly, but I am so grateful we don't have to pay to have it repaired! The new owner had me call a repairman, and the repairman said it's a bad sequencer. I don't know yet when they'll get the part to fix it, but at least we have a wood burning fireplace. We had to buy some kindling and some seasoned wood because our dwindled stash is soaking wet, but at least we can warm it up enough to get us through the next few days.


Yesterday we had our inspection done on the house. The inspector was very pleased with the quality of construction of the house, and said it is very sound. He did find a few minor issues and two things a little more major that need to be fixed. The builder was aware of one of them already (and was not pleased with the concrete subs) and is working on getting is rectified. He also was already at work on the rest of the punch list before the inspection was even over!

This morning we're heading out for our walkthrough. They cleaned the house yesterday, and hopefully fixed some items that we have already pointed out. We are supposed to sign papers tomorrow, and hopefully the punch list will be complete by then and we can get our keys tomorrow or the next day. My dad is flying up Thursday evening to help us do the major move on Friday.

Hopefully everything will go as planned from here on out. Ryan's surgery is looming in the back of my mind, and both Ed and I are very stressed. I think the kids are stressed too...probably picking up on our stress. I can't wait for this move to be completed and we're enjoying our new house instead of just dreaming about it!

Friday, January 6

At Last

Whew! We had a brief break in the weather, and they poured our driveway, sidewalk, and walkway yesterday. That was the major obstacle we've had in finalizing our new house. It now looks like we may be able to move next week, hopefully Friday.

We are so ready to move! It's been a stressful couple of weeks. I don't do well with my house in chaos, especially through Christmas. There are boxes everywhere, half of the kids' toys are packed away (and of course those are the ones they keep asking to play with), part of the kitchen is packed, lots of books are packed, but now it's time to get down to packing in earnest! Maybe after I get some more stuff packed it will clear a spot for me to stack some of these boxes I keep tripping over! Anyway, I thank God He gave us a break in the rain for a day and a half.

Wednesday, January 4

Maybe Tomorrow

I just got a call from our Realtor letting us know that they're supposed to pour concrete first thing tomorrow morning! I am fervently praying for the forecast to stay the rain till tomorrow evening. Just about everything else is ready. They hung the doors, installed the range, painted the trim, and did lots of little things here and there. Our loan docs should be ready on Friday, though we probably can't sign till Monday. Maybe we can get moved in next week.

On another note, I took the kids to the park today. It felt so good to be outside and see them running around and climbing to their hearts' content! Hopefully we can go for a long walk or do something else outside tomorrow also. I'm not really a big sunshine person, but having little ones cooped up in the house is a big downer!


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