Wednesday, January 4

Maybe Tomorrow

I just got a call from our Realtor letting us know that they're supposed to pour concrete first thing tomorrow morning! I am fervently praying for the forecast to stay the rain till tomorrow evening. Just about everything else is ready. They hung the doors, installed the range, painted the trim, and did lots of little things here and there. Our loan docs should be ready on Friday, though we probably can't sign till Monday. Maybe we can get moved in next week.

On another note, I took the kids to the park today. It felt so good to be outside and see them running around and climbing to their hearts' content! Hopefully we can go for a long walk or do something else outside tomorrow also. I'm not really a big sunshine person, but having little ones cooped up in the house is a big downer!


Darcy said...

Ugh, is there any way the loan docs can by hurried up and just signed on Friday, even if it's late afternoon?? So you could move in over the weekend.

Kim said...

It doesn't look like it, though I am definitely going to check into it tomorrow if the concrete does indeed get poured. We still have to do our walk-through and inspection, etc. So I think this weekend is a gonner for moving in.

Darcy said...

I know you wanted to be in this weekend, but for some reason, it's not looking as though that will be the case. I'm sorry. I know it adds to your current stress level with the sugery coming.

I guess look on the bright weekend your mom will be there, and she can either help with keeping the kids contained, or be an extra set of hands. Either way, she'll be a huge help, even in helping you unload boxes.

Kim said...

Yeah, I keep telling myself that God's timing is perfect, it's just not my timing!


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