Tuesday, January 10


Yesterday we had our inspection done on the house. The inspector was very pleased with the quality of construction of the house, and said it is very sound. He did find a few minor issues and two things a little more major that need to be fixed. The builder was aware of one of them already (and was not pleased with the concrete subs) and is working on getting is rectified. He also was already at work on the rest of the punch list before the inspection was even over!

This morning we're heading out for our walkthrough. They cleaned the house yesterday, and hopefully fixed some items that we have already pointed out. We are supposed to sign papers tomorrow, and hopefully the punch list will be complete by then and we can get our keys tomorrow or the next day. My dad is flying up Thursday evening to help us do the major move on Friday.

Hopefully everything will go as planned from here on out. Ryan's surgery is looming in the back of my mind, and both Ed and I are very stressed. I think the kids are stressed too...probably picking up on our stress. I can't wait for this move to be completed and we're enjoying our new house instead of just dreaming about it!


Beth said...

WOOHOO!!! It's alot of work to move but your BRAND NEW HOUSE! Yay! As to the surgery...please don't worry too much. It went VERY well for Julia and her vision and skills are much improved. Remember that Ryan is God's child and He will take good care of him! All is well!


Darcy said...

I hope today's walk through went well!

With your dad coming on Thursday night, and then your mom coming on Saturday, you're going to get soooo much done this weekend!!! Wish we were closer to help out. :)


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