Thursday, January 12


Well, after much stress and confusion (mostly due to the way our builder deals with prepaids and upgrade costs), we finally signed the loan documents for our house yesterday. It was a long two-hour process, but thankfully, the kids were really well behaved (what a blessing!) so we were able to get done as fast as possible. Hopefully we will record and fund today, but most likely it will be tomorrow. So we will be taking possession in the next day or two, and we can actually move in!

We took a look at the house again yesterday, and they did all the interior touch-ups (well, almost all), and they are scheduled to finish them up today. We won't be able to get some of the exterior things done until this rain stops long enough for things to dry out, but that could be May for all we know, so we're going ahead and closing. Most of our neighbors are in the same situation, and I noticed yesterday that they don't have gutters painted and little exterior touch-ups done either. Fortunately, our builder is just starting on the last dozen or so houses in the subdivision and will be right up the street for months to come.

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Beth said...

Hi, Kim...

You have been on my heart and I have been praying for you. I keep checking the blog for new posts. I know moving has been a huge job...just wanted to check and make sure all was well! And ask when Ryan's surgery is.




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