Friday, July 21

It's Been a Year

I can hardly believe that today a whole year has passed since I first began blogging. This is my 101st post which means I have posted an average of almost two posts per week, far more than I thought I had done. I often have thoughts rolling around in my mind that never make it to this blog since the kids' blogs are my first priority. Though I'm sure the Lord has a plan in keeping some of those things from ever being said! Many thanks to those of you who faithfully read my humble blogs and even comment occasionally. When I get a comment or someone signs my guestbook, I am always amazed that anyone took the time to read my meager offerings.

1 comment:

DebbieLynne said...

Glad to see you blogging again, Kim. I've missed you. Hope you, Ed and the kids are well. I'm going to go check out Ryan' Report and Here's Abby now.


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