Monday, May 14

Mother's Day Weekend

My hubby and I are loathe to endure crowds, so we celebrated Mother's Day on Friday instead of Sunday, also because he had the day off and because we had a couple days' worth of yardwork we had to do as well.

The kids had swimming lessons, and afterward we got in the pool with them and splashed and played with them. We had the pool completely to ourselves, and we had lots of fun! Then we went home, got cleaned up and took Ryan to an eye appointment. We went to the mall and let the kids play a bit at the Lego store and then at the indoor playground. Then we headed to one of my favorite places to eat, The Cheesecake Factory. The kids were well behaved most of the day, which always makes the day special, and I really enjoyed my day.

Saturday the work began. We had to remove all the weeds from our yard in preparation of laying topsoil and sod next weekend. We rented a weed burner, which was pretty effective on the grass that covered so much of our yard. It took a while for this California girl to not feel paranoid about setting fire to the neighborhood (my dad told me these are actually illegal in California), but eventually I relaxed.

Look at all those weeds!

It took us over 18 hours to get rid of all the weeds! After all those hours spent among the smoke and dust, I felt like I spent the weekend in Mordor. My carpal tunnel syndrome flared up and I couldn't make a fist with my right hand for two days, but the yard looks so much better already! I can't wait to see it with grass.

Weeds are gone at last!


Darcy said...

Did they lay the sod last week??? When your dad was helping us fill in holes with the dirt we bought, he thought that perhaps you were to be getting your sod last weekend (May 19th).

Kim said...

Yeah, "they" and Ed!

Darcy said...

LOL. Hard work huh??? We had areas of our old grass that Steven dug out to make it fit flush with the sod. HARD Work!

Kim said...

It was hard enough filling in the areas without having to dig out old grass! We were kind of rethinking our desire for a big yard as we were putting in 10- and 12-hour Now that it's done, though it looks great.


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