Monday, August 13

I Enjoyed The Day

Yesterday was a very nice day. It wasn't perfect. It had a few bumps. There was some bickering in the van on the drive up and there was some whining at the zoo and it took a while for the kids to settle down and get to sleep, but I really enjoyed myself yesterday. We got up, loaded the van and drove to Washington for breakfast. The kids ate well (always a plus) and were well-behaved during the meal. After some initial bickering, the kids settled down and listened to a story on tape while we had a beautiful drive to Seattle.

We went to the zoo where we saw part of the spectrum of God's ingenious creation. Who knew there was such a thing as a legless lizard? (It has eyelids and can regenerate it's tail so it's not a snake.) Okay, it was kind of creepy looking, but interesting nonetheless. They had an area with about 20 huge hydrangeas all in bloom, that was just gorgeous! Instead of the smell of animals, most of the time we kept getting whiffs of something incredible like jasmine or honeysuckle. Best of all for this cheapskate, the zoo was free since they have a reciprocal membership with the Oregon Zoo where we are members.

Abigail wearing her diving mask from Ivar's.

My family walked way too far out of their way so that I could eat the world's best clam chowder at Ivar's. On the way there I was wondering whether it was really worth the walk, but after eating a few spoonfuls, I decided it was afterall. It was the kind of meal I always hope for. No one fussed or whined about the food, there were no spills or disasters. Food was shared, conversation was enjoyed, and we all loved watching the entertainment...seagulls catching food right out of the air that people outside our window were throwing for them.

We missed seeing the sites at Pike Place Market, so we'll have to try going back again another day, but we did see the Space Needle both in daylight and after they lit the lights. The kids didn't complain that we didn't take them on any of the amusement rides at the Seattle Center (though Ryan was disappointed we didn't go to the top of the Needle, he didn't make a big deal out of it), and surprisingly they didn't even complain about the walking, which we had done tons of.

We were all ready to get to the hotel, and we crossed the world's longest floating bridge into Bellevue to the excited laughs of my daughter. She thoroughly enjoys life, and today's adventures kept her completely enthralled. It was a relaxing day (if you don't count the walking) of seeing the sites in a beautiful city, and I'm so grateful I am blessed with my wonderful husband and kids with whom I was able to enjoy it!


Darcy said...

Sounds like a fun outing. Was that what it was, just a family outing? Or was there another reason you went to Seattle??

Kim said...

You probably already know if you read the kids' blogs, but we were tagging along with Ed who has three days of training in the area!

Darcy said...

LOL. Yeah, should have started with their blogs and my question would have been answered.

How great that you guys can accompany him and at least feel like you're getting away for a few days.


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