Tuesday, January 8

Lessons for Mommy

As part of his daily schooling, Ryan reads aloud to me one chapter of a book from our chosen curriculum. His latest book is called Little Prudy's Dotty Dimple and was written in 1865 by Sophie May. Today's chapter had the oldest two girls (nine and six years old) being humiliated and embarrased by their littest sister's naughty and rude behavior (three years old). I had to smile at the end of the chapter when the oldest said,

"I've been thinking it all over," replied Susy, "and I've made up my mind that God allows her to mortify you and me. You know we must have some kind of a trial, or we shouldn't grow gentle and sweet tempered."

"As mother is," added Prudy.

After having an especially trying morning with one of my darling children, this was a gentle nudge from the Lord for me. It's a wasted "trial" if I am not changed by it, not more dependant on Him because of it, and not growing more "gentle and sweet tempered" through it.

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