Monday, August 10

Have You Cried?

Chris Matthews once said, "You’re not an American if you don’t cry when you hear Obama speak." At first I was insulted because I consider myself to be very patriotic had never once felt the urge to cry upon hearing Obama, but since the inaugeration and his first 200 days in office, I've been crying just about every time President Obama opens his mouth or signs some new policy of his, so I guess I have to let that offense go.


a portland granny said...

I'm weeping with you sister!! In fact I'm turning myself in today as not supporting his health plan. I'll put it on his "tattle-tale" email address. I feel like I am living in pre-war Germany when Hitler had everyone turning in their parents, friends and relatives!! Pretty scary stuff!!

DebbieLynne said...

I wept the day after he was elected. But the Lord allowed him to be in office, Kim, and He will use the evil for His purposes. We can rejoice that Obama is powerless to resist God's will!


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