Monday, September 26

Is This Reasonable?

Up until this month I've really liked the service I have received from Washington Mutual Bank. However, after this month's experience we are seriously considering changing banks. I did a really dumb thing...I deposited a large check through the ATM on September 2. Although I usually deposit large checks through the teller, I have had no problems with deposits done through the ATM, until now. It's now the 26th and I still don't have access to my money. I did another dumb thing...I forgot to endorse the check. My hubby did, but it required both our signatures.

The solution seems simple, right? Give me the check back, I'll sign it, and we'll have our money. Apparently the simplicity of this plan is beyond WAMU. I signed a "legal-tender copy" of our check this morning, but I won't know for sure the money is in the account for another five to seven working days. Is it just me or does 30 to 34 days seem like a reasonable amount of time to fix an endorsement error?

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