Monday, September 5

This and That

It's hard to believe I haven't had anything to say in over two weeks! Actually, I've been doing more thinking than talking lately. I probably should do that much more often!

I had trouble sleeping a few nights ago, and as I lay awake, I began to pray for Hurricane Katrina's victims. What a mess the gulf coast is. I am so grateful that my family is safe and sound, we have our home, and even for the rising price of gas...after all, at least there is fuel available for me to purchase.

This morning I was pleased to hear that Portland is going to be receiving 1,000 Katrina "refugees" this week. Not only have these people lost all their belongings, but many may have lost loved ones, and now are they ever in for culture shock! I remember when Ed and I moved to the South. I was totally unprepared for how vastly different the culture there is from the west coast where I was raised. I can't even put the differences into words that people would understand, mostly you have to experience it to understand it. I pray these people will be able to acclimate to our way of life more quickly than we did to theirs.


Darcy said...

How'd you find out you had refugees coming??? Where will they go???

Kim said...

I heard it one the news. Some of them arrive tomorrow. A few will be staying in individual homes, but most will be staying in shelters set up for them. One shelter that holds about 500 is an old high school that hasn't been used in years, and they are looking into other venues to hold the other 500 or so people who will arrive later.


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