Saturday, November 19

Color, color, color

I was a little disappointed in how bright the exterior color turned out on our house. It's not exactly what I had in mind, but it's close. It's so hard to know what it will look like from a little swatch, even from a draw-down swatch that I had. I think it will look better once the trim is painted and gutters hung, but I am just a tad disappointed that it didn't come out looking like I envisioned.

Things could always be worse though. Our next door neighbor chose racquetball blue for his exterior paint, and this picture doesn't even come close to showing how bright this paint is! I am glad we can't really see his house from the inside of ours...ugh. We talked to the builder when we were out there, and he said it will fade quite a bit and be much more tame by the time we move in. I sure hope he's right. To top things off the owner chose a bright (almost hot) pink for his interior color. We only get one interior color, so it's all over the entire inside of his house. I am a little nervous about our new neighbor already, though the builder said he's a really nice guy.

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Darcy said...

It's a SMURF house!!!!! LOL. My parents had the neighbors who live across the street from them purposely paint their house that color one year...with white trim. Whenever we had to give directions how to get to our house, we told them we lived across the street from the Smurf house!!! LOL


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