Friday, November 18

Surprise Progress

We haven't been to see our new house for two weeks, so we drove up there this afternoon. We were surprised to see they had painted the exterior (except for trim), painted the interior, installed the gas line, and installed the cabinets. We saw the builder while we were there, and he said they will be putting in countertops next week. We're looking good for a January 1st closing date!


Darcy said...

It's hard to believe with all that done, the house still won't be ready until the 1st of January! LOL.

Kim said...

Yeah, I was thinking that too, but there is still a lot to be done. They have to install flooring, plumbing, appliances, finish electrical, exterior trim and gutters, pour driveway and patios, hang interior doors, install interior trim and finishes. Also, this is Oregon and the rain can slow down some things such as pouring concrete. Still it neat to see it looking more like a house


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