Monday, April 17

Week 9

I wish I had victorious news to share today. However, I caved to temptation way too much this week. Abby's birthday didn't go well eating-wise and Easter was just as bad. I almost didn't bother to weigh but decided to afterall...may as well face the music. I gained three pounds. Could be worse, but I could have lost two pounds too. So does that give me a net gain of five pounds? Hoping for a better week starting today.


Darcy said...

Well, at least you faced the music. I'm not going to WW's today because I don't wanna face the music. LOL. Between Hannah's birthday and Easter, I know I gained.

Kim said...

I was wondering why we hadn't had an update in a while. ;)

Darcy said...

:X That's why.


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