Monday, August 28

Bible in a Year

I think I have read every book in the Bible at least once, but I am not sure I have ever read it cover to cover in one straight shot. I decided to make certain that I have done that, so I subscribed to a Bible In A Year program. The text for the day gets delivered to your email inbox each day, and you can choose your preferred version of the Bible (I chose NAS) and if you want to read in book order or chronological order. I chose chronological hoping it will straighten out a few time spans I'm always getting mixed up!

I am beginning September 1, and if anyone decides to join me, please leave a comment letting me know. It would be great to know who else is doing this too.


Patty said...

I signed up and I will be joining you on the first. I chose NAS and chronological too. I have gotten confused at some of the time lines as well. So, this should be great.

Kim said...

I'm excited to have you reading with me!

I'm also relieved to hear I'm not the only one who struggles with the time lines. :D


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