Thursday, April 19

Featured Ministry

Since we have been looking for a church home for quite some time, I have needed to find a steady source of spiritual feeding. I got an iPod for Christmas and began signing up for different podcasts and listening to sermons and teaching by various pastors and teachers. It is tragic how much junk is out there in Christendom. I shouldn't be surprised. The Bible tells us that this will be the case, that wolves will rise up from within the church and seek to deceive and devour the flock. It's often hard to tell the sheep from the goats. After being dismayed over all the unbiblical teaching I was finding, I was so pleased to run across a sermon series by John Piper that was fantastic! He's not for the faint of heart, to be sure, but I have been listening to him for months now and have learned much.

Not only do I appreciate his candid preaching, but the website for his ministry, Desiring God, is fantastic. You can download hundreds of sermons and articles and even books...for free! They have a "whatever you can afford" policy when it comes to other things for sale, which I think is great too.

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