Saturday, April 21

Small Thrills

We live about quite a few miles away from a town of any size, and I drive about 30 minutes to do any major shopping...even to another state for groceries. We have a few fast food places, one (very expensive and crowded) grocery store, several coffee shops, a couple banks, a few restaurants, and some other miscellaneous stores. When we they build something new out here, we all get pretty excited. Last year they put in a Burger King, and the line in the drive-thru was wrapped around the place for weeks when it first opened!

So when I found out we are getting a Starbucks, I was thrilled! Our closest Starbucks is about 25 miles away, which for the Pacific Northwest is unbelievable. It seems they are everywhere, often two in the same shopping center or on opposite sides of a street. We have a pretty good local coffee shop which I will still frequent (Starbucks can't compete with punch cards for free drinks and discounts for getting the trivia question right!), but every once in a while it's nice to have a Starbuck's latte. I just wonder how long the wait will be when it opens. I may have to wait for months before I can even attempt to buy one!

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Darcy said...

Oh my gosh, I pass by so many in single day it's not even funny. There is one corner by UCR that has 3 Starbucks within half a mile.

For the heck of it, I put in our zip code on the Starbucks store locator site, and there at 9, 9! Starbucks within 5 miles of our zip code. That's just crazy!


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