Wednesday, June 13


I have been working on my priorities for the last month and making a big effort to do more things with my kids, even at the expense of getting therapy, school, or housework done. Today I was reflecting back over the past four weeks to see how I am doing on this, and though there's still room for improvement, I have made progress. We have baked cookies, went to the pool, planted seeds, had friends over, splashed in the pool, read stories, made frozen bananas, watched caterpillars turn to butterflies, played outside A LOT, painted pictures, acted goofy, decorated the patio, went berry picking, made jam, and had tickle fights.

Yes, my house isn't incredibly clean (though it is picked up pretty well), and I didn't get Abby's therapy done completely each week, and Ryan didn't get all the school done I had planned for him, but we had lots of fun and have enjoyed each other so much. Lord willing, I will continue to line my priorities up with what really matters.

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NLWilliams said...

Isn't it funny how God works? I was just flipping through "next blog" and came across yours. I am a Christian mom who, too, has been struggling with priorities...feeling like I can't do enough around this house with working, helping at church, caring for my daughter's basic needs, and keeping a clean home. I appreciate all that you are able to do and the attitude you have. God bless you!


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