Tuesday, June 12

First Mowing

We took our lawn mower in for a tune-up right after we laid the sod, and we still don't have it back. They said they had a back log of 700 mowers! So a kindly neighbor loaned us his and Friday, Eddie cut the grass for the first time. It looks so good. You can still see the seams, but since it's not a creeping grass it will take a while for those to completely disappear.

Family project...spreading barkdust.

We spread barkdust on the borders and around the trees and flower beds, and I am very pleased with how it looks. It's not often that I envision something and it turns out the way I had hoped, but our yard actually looks better than I had envisioned. It's not perfect (the grass isn't perfectly level), but I love our yard now. I am planning the flowers, shrubs and trees we will put in next year, but for the summer most of the hard work is done.

Garner Park

We didn't quite finish spreading the bark dust in the front sideyard, but it's nice to have the bulk of the work done. Maybe I can finish up the front side yard for my hubby this week as a Father's Day surprise...

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Eddie said...

And she did. I came home and it was all done. Thank you Kitten.


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