Sunday, July 22

Birthday Getaway-Part 1

My hubby surprised me (though he gave me heads up, wisely and thankfully!) with an overnight getaway for my birthday. I told him not to get me a present because he spent too much on Mother's Day and I don't need anything anyway, but I was wrong...I did need some peace and quiet!

He arranged for a long-time friend to come and watch the kids overnight. This family were our friends when we lived in Tennessee, and they have moved to Oregon this year. We spent the 4th of July with them and had such a wonderful time visiting with them. Though we haven't seen them for eight years, it felt just like old times again. They are a wonderful family, and we're so happy to have them living nearby (relatively) again.

Their children were young (in fact, I watched them a time or two and was a camp counselor for the oldest daughter!), but now they are all grown. The youngest daughter is living at home and looking for a permanent nursing job, but in the meantime she is a nanny. She came and spent the night with the kids, and they had a great time with her!

We've never left Ryan and Abby overnight with anyone except Gramie and then it's only been twice, but I have great confidence in Candace and didn't worry a bit. She did a great job and the kids can't wait to have her come again. She even balked at taking the money we wanted to give her, though we were able to get her to at least take some for gas. What a blessing!

The best part is that the kids were well-behaved enough that she's willing to do it again sometime...woo-hoo!

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Darcy said...

Happy Be-lated birthday Kim. We were thinking of you on your special day. Things were just hectic around here over the weekend.

Glad to hear you guys got to go away overnight! How fun!


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