Monday, June 16

Punctuation 101-Lesson 2

Rule 5 under Apostrophes in the Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation says:

Do not use an apostrophe for the plural of a name.

We visited the Sanchezes in Los Angeles.
The Changs have two cats and a dog.


Darcy said...

Okay, gotta ask.

Why the lessons on punctuation?? LOL

It's making me very nervous and conscientious about writing on my blogs and making sure everything is correct. LOL.

Kim said...

LOL. Well, originally I had written a "rant" after reading about five news articles in a row where the period was placed outside of the quotes instead of inside. These people are PAID to write and don't seem to know the simplest of punctuation rules! Drives me crazy, but I digress.

After I wrote the post, I deleted it because I am truly working on not complaining (Philippians 2:14). Instead I decided to educate the people who read my blog on a few of the rules that I see most commonly broken. I have a couple of scheduled posts coming up that are rules that I can never remember and have to look up EVERY time, so this will make it easy for me to find them in the future.

I don't read personal blogs and such with the same critical eye that I do news articles and professional blogs because we aren't PAID to write, though I confess if the writing is particularly poor, I don't bother to read them. I know my grammar and punctutation is far from perfect, but then, as I stated, I am not paid to write either!


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