Sunday, January 11

For Entertainment Purposes Only

For a few hours tonight, hubby and I are escaping to a fantasy world where terrorists are actually treated as evil and freedom-lovers do whatever has to be done to preserve life and liberty.

Reality, it is not; entertaining, it is!


a portland granny said...

I don't "get" your post, but I'm sure glad to know you are all okay! Enjoy your escape into the fantasy world--I'm sure the younger ones in the readership will understand who Jack Bauer is and what program you are watching!!?? : )

Patty said...

Yes it is!!! I can't wait for tonight's episode.

a portland granny said...

I'm back. Okay, I give up--what program are you watching? I see Patty knew what you were talking about, so now i feel really 'out of it'.

I was glad you visited my blog because I was wondering if you were all okay? I hope so.

I am going to email you soon.

Kim said...

LOL. Joan, it's called 24, and it's on Fox Monday evenings at 9:00pm.

Because of the writers' strike last year, they didn't write a new story. So it has been 20 months since we've been able to watch a new season. It is the only television show we still watch, so it has been fun to have it back on again. Warning: It can be pretty violent!


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