Wednesday, January 21


I wondered how long it would take before we started hearing what a stellar job our new president is doing. I found out even sooner than I expected. Hubby participated in a telephone poll this evening--one day after the inaugeration--asking if he approves of the job President Obama is doing. Are you kidding me?

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a portland granny said...

Oh no! The polls have begun! I hope he won't be governing by the polls. I am posting a political post tonight. I have debated over it for days, but I have read so many Dear Mr. President blogs, that have been wonderful, but I decided a letter to President Bush is in order! So....I might get run out of town!!!!

As soon as I finish my new year cards (they are replacing my Christmas cards!) I want to get together with you--for the evening or the day, whatever works best for you. I'm easy!!


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