Monday, August 1

Am I Cheap or What?

We spent this weekend doing some fun activities, but it got me wondering if I am frugal, cheap, or just totally out of touch with today's expenses. Ed won tickets to the Le Mans Grand Prix this weekend. When we got to the Portland Raceway, of course we had to pay to park. It was a modest $5, but we had to walk at least a mile to get to the races (I honestly think it was farther, but I am trying to be conservative)! We brought water and snacks and had lunch before we entered, but we still ended up buying some drinks because it was so terribly hot. I guess I've seen worse prices than $12 for four drinks, but it still seems high to me.

I watched people buying programs and hats for $20 each, shaved ice (very popular) for $6 each, and then of course there's the alcohol! Margaritas for $6 and beer for $5, and people just kept drinking all day long. I haven't even mentioned that the tickets to get in cost $65 each day and the paddock passes are $10 per day, though kids 12 and under were free. The races weren't sold out, but there were plenty of people who plunked down that much money to see these cars zipping past at 180 mph.

Ed also went with a coworker on Friday, so if we had had to pay for what we did Friday and Saturday it would have cost us over $325. It was fun, but not THAT fun! Our family of four could spend two days at Disneyland for that price (okay, so maybe I just have different priorities and ideas about what's fun)! So I guess I've answered my own question: I am frugal AND cheap AND out of touch. Did I mention we went to the fair on Sunday...


Biotress said...

I came across your blog and just thought I'd say "hi." I don't think you sound cheap at all, just practical.

Thalasos said...

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