Thursday, October 27

Local Laughs

My hubby is always winning something or other from the local radio stations or from vendors or seminars he attends. He's won everything from a digital camera and IPod to countless coffee mugs (or latte mugs as they like to call them) and T-shirts. He's won tickets to some really neat events and to some ho-hum events. He's won books and coffee and even a squeegee! The other day I was cleaning out our bookcase and decided to read one of the books he won (actually he won it twice!). It's called The Exploding Whale: And Other Remarkable Stories from the Evening News. It was written by our local news personality, and it documents many interesting stories he's covered, not the least of which is the infamous exploding whale. If you haven't heard the story (or seen it), you have to check out this site, Infamous Exploding Whale, and watch the video! I've watched it several times, and it makes me laugh every time.

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