Monday, October 24

What's it All About?

Ever wonder what it's all about? Why all the little annoyances and frustrations of life? I know there's probably something I can learn from them, but sometimes I just plain wonder, "Lord, what's this about?" I still laugh when I think about a bumper sticker I saw that said, "Maybe the hokey pokey really is what it's all about." While I find that funny, I refuse to believe it's true. I know God has a plan and He can use everything we encounter for our ultimate good. Still, I frequently allow the mundane things in life to get to me, as I did this weekend, instead of letting it roll off my back or even allowing God to grow me. The whole weekend just seemed like it was one of those where nothing went as planned or expected, and, sadly, despite my early attempts to keep a positive perspective, I ended up succumbing to the situation and became cranky.

Friday morning after Ryan's eye appointment and several errands regarding our new house, we finally headed north to Tacoma to see Ed's grandmother. She had an extensive surgery on Thursday, and we wanted to be sure to see her. We spent the night and took the kids to the zoo the next day before heading home. Ryan's early appointment seemed to take forever, partly because they had to dilate his eyes. He fought and screamed like crazy while we tried to get the drops in...ugh. Then we got the news that he will have to have surgery, never good news. After his appointment we went to pick up some flooring samples at the interiors place, but they didn't have any to actually take with me, so it was basically a waste of time to stop there.

Next we went to the appliance place to get our appliances ordered, and while Ed talked to the rep, I took the kids to the bathroom. Once Ryan discovered the toilets had an automatic flusher, he freaked out and refused to go. We've been through this before and thought he was over it, but apparently not. I tried a different approach than the last time, hoping to help him get over his irrational fear (one of many). Let's just say it didn't end nicely...somehow in the struggle I ended up getting my shirt peed all over! Sure, it's funny now (I know YOU are laughing), but I was NOT amused at that point in time. Fortunately I had another shirt in the van since we were packed for an overnight stay. I changed and went to join Ed only to find out that they don't carry the one brand stove we picked out (we were told we could pick out anything and they'd order it). More wasted time and energy (and shirt).

We headed up to Columbia City afterwards to check on the progress of our house. The builder was there and told us they are behind on our house because they haven't installed the gas line yet and it's too cold to texture and paint inside till they get it installed, so it's pretty much at a standstill right now. However, he also gave us the only good news we got that day which is that we can still get our stove someplace else and just have him install it. Whew! We had Gramie watch the kids for a whole evening so we could shop for all the appliances, and I wasn't looking forward to having to find a babysitter to do it again.

Finally we were on the way to Tacoma, and the rest of the trip went along the same lines. I'll spare you the details, but let me just say, it's a good thing I brought extra clothes for Abby. I had to change her three times on Saturday alone! Nothing really bad happened, but there were just small annoyances the whole trip. Ed's Mammaw appears to be recovering well, which is an answer to prayer. I'm over my crankiness and despite getting sick on Sunday, I'm ready for another day, even if it's full of mundane irritations and setbacks. Afterall, I get to be a Mommy to two precious children, wife to a wonderful man, and most importantly, I am a child of God, who loves me even when I'm cranky!

"The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: 'I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness.'" Jeremiah 31:3

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