Thursday, October 13

Seattle Weekend

Observation Deck of the Space Needle

My mom has started coming once a year so my husband and I can take a weekend away by ourselves. This year we went to Seattle. We had a great time, though we were pretty tired when we got home. While we were there, we took a cruise through the Puget Sound and up through the locks into the lakes, we went to the Pacific Science Center, Pike Place Market, and of course the Space Needle.

It was a nice weekend to reconnect with Ed and have some time alone. We missed the kids though, especially when we were at the science center. They would love that place! Seattle is a beautiful part of the country, but we were glad to get back to little ol' Beaverton. I wouldn't trade the Portland area for anything they have to offer, including the Pike Place mini doughnuts (which are far better than Krispy Kreme!).

1 comment:

Darcy said...

Glad you guys were able to get away for some alone time together. I could go for some of that. LOL.


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