Thursday, February 23

Looking and Praying

Now that we've moved over an hour away from our former church, we have the unenviable task of looking for a new church home. We have been praying the Lord will lead us where He wants us to attend, where we can minister and be ministered to. We haven't attended any yet that instantly said "This is home" to us, but last Sunday's service was very good, especially the worship. It's called Warren Community Fellowship, and it's a medium-sized church. Both hubby and I loved the worship, but then we found out the worship pastor is only an interim pastor. Both kids seemed to enjoy Sunday School too.

When we got home we walked across the street to meet the new neighbors that moved in last week, and their little girl who just turned five said, "He was in my class," pointing to Ryan. It turns out they have been attending WCF for two years and really like it. There's also another family a couple houses down the block who attend. It was nice to find other Christians in our neighborhood, and it definitely makes us think harder about making WCF our church home. It would be wonderful to fellowship with neighbors! But until the Lord makes it more clear, we're still praying and looking.

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Darcy said...

It is such a tremendous blessing to have Christian neighbors. Our neighbors on our left are Christians. We've do stuff as friends ...out to dinner, etc. I can't tell you how great it is to be able to call next door and ask for prayers and vice versa.

It would be nice to fellowship with neighbors at the same church. But you're right, whereever the Lord leads ya church wise. You can still have sweet fellowship with your neighbors no matter where you go to chuch.


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