Tuesday, May 30

Blooms at Last

I do not have much of a green thumb, and I usually end up killing any plants I buy or am given. However, I have managed to keep alive an African Violet that someone gave me after one of my miscarriages. It was blooming when I received it, and it bloomed once before Ryan was born, but it hasn't bloomed in the four years since. I was about to give up on it when lo and behold, I was watering it last week and saw blooms pushing their way to the sun! I don't know why exactly, but I almost cried. It now has more than a dozen fully opened and more on the way. I guess maybe the window I put it in when we moved is its happy place.

1 comment:

Carol-Ann said...

"ALMOST" cried??!
That's the kind of thing that would burst me into tears on the spot! Good tears -- renewing and reviving!


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