Monday, May 8

Movie Recommendation

We watch practically no television, largely because we can't find a show that's worth watching. We do watch quite a few DVDs, most of which are ones we own. Once in a while we will brave the video rental store and see if we can find a movie to watch. This past weekend I waded through an astonishing amount of vile films until I stumbled upon a movie that looked safe and intriguing enough to rent. Turned out to be fantastic! It's called I Am David, and it's about a little boy who escapes from a communist forced labor camp after World War II and travels across Europe on his way to Denmark. If you're wanting a clean, interesting, and different movie to watch this weekend, I would highly recommend it.

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Carol-Ann said...

Interesting to see your comments about TV. We just cancelled our cable a few weeks ago because we have found that we just don't sit down to watch -- there's nothing good on! These days you can get on DVD many of those older half-hour truly funny family comedy shows -- so why pay for all that garbage! Of course, there are things that come up once in awhile that we will miss -- but when we added up the shekels involved. it didn't seem worth it!


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