Monday, May 8

Yard Sale

Ever since we knew we were going to be moving, we have been planning to have a yard sale. The one snag was that we moved in the dead of winter. It had been raining for months, and it continued to rain for months after our move. At last it seems that spring might be here to stay, though it isn't consistently very warm yet. So we opened up the boxes of things that we had packed up especially to sell, drug out tables and sorted, marked, and piled things for days before our two-day sale.

It turned out to be a gorgeous day on Friday, and we sold $455 worth of stuff that day alone. We awoke Saturday to rain, so we rearranged our tables and turned our yard sale into a garage sale. We ended up making $300 on Saturday, and the bonus was that someone hauled away our very ugly old couch that we had stuck out on the curb with a "Free" sign on it!

We made enough money to pay Abby's last medical bill (we paid off Ryan's entire surgery bills last month!) and to hire someone to grade our yard in preparation for topsoil and grass. You'd think I'd learn by now and quit worrying about getting bills paid. God is so faithful to provide!


Darcy said...

Wow! What a killer yard sale!!! You must have had some high priced things to sell! Great job!

Kim said...

Actually, about $200 of it was higher priced items, but the rest was stuff $5 and under. Most of it was baby and kid toys, clothes, books, accessories, etc. We had held on to way too much baby stuff (I kept thinking, ya just never know!). LOL. The funny thing is we probably have about $300 more worth of stuff left over. We didn't sell the entertainment center, crib, bassinet, or stroller (I find that rather interesting). I'm not sure what to do with it all now.

Carol-Ann said...

Hi Kim --
When I came back to blogging I just read the most recent couple of posts that I had missed -- came back today to do a little more catch-up! You are brave to have a garage sale is all I can say! I always chicken out and take stuff to Good Will! Usually reports from others who have them are that they are a ton of work with little monetary gain! So that was a God-thing for you guys! Wow! So glad for you!


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