Wednesday, January 10

For the Love of Children

Ahh, the soft sound of snow falling...
broken by the screeching of Ryan's car noises!

We had a beautiful snowfall this morning! Since I am still pretty sick, I really just wanted to enjoy it through the window with a cup of coffee and the fire going, but of course that wasn't what Ryan and Abby had in mind. So I took a deep breath, put on the most enthusiastic face I could muster, and we got out the boots, mittens, and warm coats and went outside. They had a blast!

Our backyard became a huge, slushy mudpuddle in short order, and it was time to come inside. I took off muddy boots, muddy mittens, and muddy coats and clothes and threw them all into the washing machine while the kids took a nice warm bubble bath. It was a lot of work for 45 minutes of fun (and frankly I am totally exhausted now), but I'm glad I decided to "die to self" and bless my children. I know I would have regretted letting this opportunity pass just because I'm not feeling well.


Darcy said...

ROTFL at that video....Ahhh, peaceful snowfall and then the sounds of a young boy playing cars. LOL.

Sorry you aren't better Kim. There's a lot of stuff going around. Infact, I think I've got a new bug...I'm coughing again, but different this time. Ugh!

Kim said...

I have been thinking of you and your sore ribs! I don't know if I've actually pulled something, but my ribs are really hurting. I think mine is more from sneezing than coughing though. I don't remember the last time I had such violent sneezes!

I'm going to look back into your blog where you mentioned what the doctor told you to do...Motrin and something else?

Carolanne said...

I love the video clip esp since I have rarely seen snow fall. I didn't realise snowflakes are so large!
Thanks for sharing and hope you feel better soon.

DebbieLynne said...

John loved Ryan's car-sounds. He did stuff like that when he was little, so the video brought back fond memories for him.

Hope you feel better, Kim! I'm getting over a bug as well.


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