Wednesday, January 17

Snow Again

We have had a banner year for snow so far! Last week we had some flurries and enough stuck to let the kids go out and play in it, but it melted within hours and was gone. We woke up yesterday morning to an inch of snow and it continued to snow for hours and hours. We wound up with just shy of four inches, and it is gorgeous. It hasn't been above freezing for days so the snow is still on the ground today. It even snowed a bit more today and made yesterday's dry snow wet enough to pack and make a snowman with today.

Eddie came home early from work on Tuesday, and we did some sledding on the front driveway. The kids made snow angels, and my daughter ate and ate and ate loads of the stuff! Today we only went out for a short time to make a snowman and play a bit. It will probably melt tomorrow, but we're enjoying it while it lasts! Our little birds are having a difficult time finding food though. They usually get it from the ground, but a few of them have taken advantage of our pinecone feeder and are getting every last bit of peanut butter and seeds off of it!


Carolanne said...

That looks like a lot of fun!
Great photos, too. :)

DebbieLynne said...

In Memphis, Ed always pushed ME around. It's good to see HIM being pushed for a change! Thanks for the video!

Anonymous said...

Cute! Reminds me of when I was young playing in the snow with my dad! My Mom would get us all bundled up in our snow suits and we would be outside 10 minutes and we were cold and wet and wanted to come in. I love hearing the kids giggles!
Blessings, Patty

Darcy said...

Showed Gramie all your pics and videos yesterday afternoon...she was envious of your snow. :)

Kim said...

Thanks for showing her the pictures. I'm envious of Gramie watching your kids all weekend! :D

I can't beleive we still have some snow on the ground. It rained off and on yesterday and I thought that would have wiped it out, but we still have a thin layer. I'm loving it!


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