Monday, January 8

Weekend Retreat

It's been a few years since I've been to a women's retreat or had any time alone away from my beloved children. So when a friend offered me her parents' house while they were away on vacation, I took advantage of the opportunity! My sweet hubby watched the kids, and I went on over Thursday evening.

I had a very refreshing and relaxing least up until Saturday evening when it became evident I had caught my daughter's illness of the previous week. I came home sick Sunday afternoon, but it was so good to see my family. Eddie had taken such good care of them, and the house was so clean and neat that it added to my joy in coming home!

In addition to running a bunch of errands sans kids on Friday, while I was away I also spent hours reading my Bible and a book by Charles Spurgeon. I also made lists and more lists and I organized my computer files. I think I finally figured out how to use my new iPod that I got for Christmas, and I listened to a couple of sermons I had downloaded. I planned my homeschooling for the next several months, menu planned, planned sewing projects and household projects. I prayed and cried and prayed some more.

It was a wonderful time of focusing undisturbed on the Lord and His word. The house was so quiet! It was wonderfully quiet, though the first night it kind of creeped me out being in an unfamiliar house and all, so I turned on the television for a little noise and ended up watching the Food Channel for a while. I know that sounds pretty pathetic, but I love that network!


DebbieLynne said...

Sounds good, Kim. Are you feeling healthier now? Bummer that you got sick. I would have taken my "Little House on the Prairie" DVDs.

Kim said...

Actually things got worse before it got better. I am still feeling pretty crummy, but I think I'm on the downhill side. Thanks for asking!

Darcy said...

Hope you're feeling better by now.

Sounds like a wonderful weekend of solitude. I think I might have gotten bored all by myself....maybe. LOL

Kim said...

I've always been a fairly solitary person by nature, so it was not boring to me at I brought tons to do. That said, I was very ready to see my family again on Sunday!

Ed the DH said...

And we were ready to see her!


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