Friday, March 7

New Look

I've been working on designing a new blog template from scratch, but due to my slow learning curve it is taking a long time. So until my own template is completed, I went with this one designed by Annie at BlogU. It's a bit trendy for this plain jane girl, but I'll pretend I'm on the cutting edge for a while (even if hubby dislikes the label cloud) until I get my new template done. Hey, by the time I get it done, this template will be so out of style that it might just suit me!


Darcy said...

I like it. Is Annie one of those ladies who designs for a price??? I have an idea in mind for Rachel's blog, and I know talented people who can do it for free, like the DH and my brother, it's just finding the right time to ask them to do it. LOL.

Kim said...

No, it is a free template. She even helped me tweak it a bit where I had some difficulty with the title. There was a pink and brown one that I love too and might use on Abby's blog (though I am still thinking about combining them all into one). I thought about paying someone also, but I REALLY like doing's just that it takes me so long because I forget things in between times I have to work on it and have to relearn. :D


designer : anniebluesky : blogu