Friday, March 7

Parental Rights and Homeschooling

I have been putting my blogs on the back burner lately, but I really wanted to post about the new ruling that was handed down in California last week essentially making homeschooling illegal in California for anyone who doesn't have a valid teaching certificate (probably 98 percent of homeschool families).

Don't be decieved by the homeschooling "cloak" of this ruling for this is at heart an attack on the rights of parents to choose what is best for their children! We are blessed to live in a state that is currently friendly to parents and homeschooling. However, California is a bellwether state, and if this ruling is allowed to stand, it will eventually impact the rest of the country (not to mention the harm it will do to Californians).

The Homeschool Legal Defense Association is gathering signatures to petition the California Supreme Court to depublish (make it applicable only to the family involved in the case) the decision. You don't have to homeschool or be a member of HSLDA to sign the petition.

Lastly, the Lord God isn't surprised by this ruling as the rest of us may have been. He is our hope and our shield! Let us pray and trust in Him.

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