Monday, May 18

Life: Imagine the Potential!


a portland granny said...

I see I've missed a couple of your posts--don't know how that happened because I'm using the new list that shows the most recent posts--Loved the kids cleaning your soles. That is too funny! So cute....and creative.

I haven't forgotten about us getting together. Let me know when you might be able to come. I am having my carpets cleaned soon, which would take out 2-3 days of using the card room with drying etc. I've yet to make my appointment.

Have a great week-end! Nice to have these three day week-ends from time to time.

Kim said...

You didn't miss the posts, I just backdated them. :D

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Very sweet blog...not sure how I stumbled on it..One blog led to to another. Looks like we have lots in common...I will be back for sure!!


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