Wednesday, May 13

Quirky Kids

I don't know if Mother's Day was on their mind or why they decided to bless me, but last Friday, they decided to do some things to "help me." First they cleaned my shoes. Yeah, you read that shoes. Why, you wonder? Yeah, me too. When I asked why they decided to clean my shoes they said it was because they were dirty. Gee thanks, guys. It never occurred to me to clean the bottom of my shoes, but now I can walk knowing they are nice and clean!

Next they dusted and "cleaned" the living room. After they were through with that, they took turns cleaning the stove top. It didn't take them long to realize that was way more work than they wanted to do and not nearly as fun as cleaning shoes. So I spent the next half hour finishing up the stove and having them clean up all the water they spilled and splashed on the laundry room and kitchen floors.

The jobs weren't done very well, but the heart behind them was greatly appreciated!

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brea snyder said...

This is so cute!!! I love that they choose your shoe's!


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