Sunday, June 14

A Brief Lull

Wow, I don't really know how or why, but we have been incredibly busy the last several weeks (actually months). I can't seem to catch my breath from one thing before I'm on to the next thing, but today has been nice and relaxing. We got to sleep in a little bit before heading to church, and then we had a leisurely lunch afterwards. We did some work on the kids' bikes, raising seats and handlebars, pumping up tires, and taking off Abby's training wheels (look out Urgent Care!). We worked with Abby for a while learning to ride sans training wheels before coming in to just relax the rest of the day.

Ryan has a special "half sleepover" birthday party tonight (not spening the night, but staying up late playing video games), but the family is picking him up and dropping him back off this evening, so we have no commitments for the rest of the day! It feels great!

I have said this before, but I am again contemplating giving up my blog. I love to look back over it and see how my kids have grown and read about things I have totally forgotten about, but it's starting to feel like an added stress in my life to keep it updated (which I obviously am not doing very well). Maybe now that Ryan's baseball season is over I will feel differently, but it just seems like I am not able to do everything I want to do and my blog is one of the things that slips through the cracks.

Until I decide for certain though, I think I'll use some of my leisure time this afternoon to catch up on some blog posts I've been wanting to do.

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a portland granny said...

I know how you feel about blogging. I'm fresh out of ideas, myself. I loved all the pictures from your camping trip. I have never been there, nor did I know such beauty was hidden in our gorgeous Oregon! I would love to take the grandkids, but alas, I can't walk that far. I will have to talk to you further about the area--such as any motels????

I've been thinking about you and getting together.

Talk to you soon.


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