Tuesday, June 16

End of the Season

The assistant coach pointing out to Ryan that he
hit the ball all the way into the outfield!

Ryan's Little League season ended with a wimper last week. His last game got canceled due rain, and we were all disappointed about that. But he had a great time, learned a lot, and made huge progress in his skills this year!

In fact, as the manager was giving out the trophies at the end-of-season party, this is what he said about Ryan: "At the beginning of the season, this boy used to run screaming when the ball came to him, but he turned out to be one of the best hitters on the team! Good job, Ryan!"

The team's party was at our local bowling alley, and Ryan bowled his best game ever. Just check out that score!

Now, we have Daddy's softball team to root for during the summer before Ryan plays fall ball again in September. Apparently we've become a baseball/softball playing family when I wasn't looking!

1 comment:

a portland granny said...

Looks like Ryan had a good time with his ball...and the bowling really looks like lots of fun. That is something I do with the grandies when they visit.


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