Wednesday, June 10

Outing with Daddy

It's been almost two years since the last time I was able to visit with my best friend Becky, and it's been six years since she's been able to visit us in Oregon. She came last week and stayed for almost a week. She and I visited the Rose Garden, then we all went to Mt. St. Helens for a day (I forgot my camera and am hoping she will send me the pictures she took), but the rest of the time was mostly spent at home just visiting and such.

However, my hubby planned to take one whole day off from work and take the kids to the zoo so Becky and I could have some more time to ourselves! So on Tuesday I packed the three of them a lunch, and off they headed to the zoo.

It wasn't long after Becky and I had eaten a late breakfast when we got a call from him asking me to look online to see what in the world was going on at the zoo. The line was ludicrously long, and he was debating whether to stay or not. Turned out it was $2 Tuesday, and everybody and his brother decided to take advantage of it! Thankfully, we have an annual pass and he didn't have to wait in that long line, which tipped the decision in the favor of staying.

I'm told that except for a grouchy little boy, they had a wonderful day. They took the zoo train over to the Rose Garden and had lunch there. They played at the big park near the Rose Garden, and then caught the train back to the zoo again.

It was a wonderful treat to have had two days of uninterrupted visiting and relaxing, and I'm grateful to my hubby for giving those days to me!

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