Sunday, July 19

Great Cats World Park

Sunday morning after breakfast, we did a few geocaches in Grants Pass. Let's just say, they have one of the oddest booster clubs I have ever heard of called The Cavemen.

Once we had done a couple caches we got in the van and headed toward the Redwoods, but we wanted to make one more stop in Oregon first. A friend had told me about the Great Cats World Park, and I wanted to see it for myself. We weren't too impressed when we first pulled up and walked around, but once the tour began, we really enjoyed it!

The man who owns the park has been training and working with large cats for about 30 years, and he started up this park about four years ago. The best thing about it is that you can stand within two or three feet of the cats! As they do the tour they educate you about the different large cats and they also entertain you with some of the things they have been taught to do. The owner even got into several of the cages to work with the cats, and that was truly impressive to see him hugging and scratching these huge and dangerous animals.

The tour was two hours long, which I did not expect. It's a small compound, but they give you a great show the whole time. They have 18 different species of cats, and many of them are used in movies and in wildlife photography.

I love seeing my kids holding hands, getting along beautifully. It doesn't
happen as often as I like, but I still manage to catch it from time to time.

I would recommend anyone traveling in this part of Oregon to take a couple of hours and go take the tour, especially if you like wild cats!


Darcy said...

Looks like a fun stop. One of the things we like about your Mom's zoo around the corner from the house is the big cats they have and how close you can get to them.

Kim said...

Yes, it actually reminded me a lot of that zoo in Hesperia!


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