Sunday, July 5

Independence Day

We had a lovely evening this year for the 4th of July. It wasn't too hot nor too chilly (yes, sometimes it's actually chilly on the 4th here!), and the skies were clear. We opted to stay home and do fireworks instead of driving to see a big show, especially since some of the big ones were cancelled this year anyway due to budget constraints.

While we waited for the skies to get dark enough for fireworks (usually about 10:00pm), we had some family time in the backyard. We played a game of croquet, and the kids practiced their cartwheels.

We had airplane rides until Mommy was too dizzy to continue. The kids had races and practiced their bridges and somersaults.

We waited and waited. We made silly faces and were just generally acting goofy waiting for it to finally get dark...or at least dark enough to enjoy the fireworks.

Finally it was dusk. We had our fireworks all laid out and ready, and Daddy began his shows. It was short and sweet and even included some drama when a firework tipped over and caught the lawn on fire! But Ryan was ready with a bucket of water and quickly quenched the sparks.

The charred remains the next morning were quickly picked up and discarded, and the lawn doesn't look took badly damaged. It was a fun day!


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