Saturday, July 25

Picking Up the Prize

My husband has been voicing his desire to go to the airshow this year, but I always hate to pay the $50 that it costs for our family to get in, not to mention it's always so hot that it seems like you can fry an egg on the tarmac. So the last time he mentioned going, I told him if he could win tickets then I would be happy to go!

He took me at my word and won tickets last Thursday! He also won a DVD, Tillamook ice cream and Crater Lake Root Beer. We went to pick up the prize at the radio station on Friday, and the kids thought it was kind of neat to see the recording booths and all the controls.

As a bonus, Abby found .45 in the cushions of the chair she sat down in momentarily! She is quite the treasure finder.


Darcy said...

Airshows aren't free up there? We've never had to pay to get into one on the military bases.

Kim said...

We don't have any military bases here. The airshow is at the Hillsboro airport, and this year the Thunderbirds will be performing.


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