Sunday, December 4

Getting Closer

We took a tour of our new home today. They no longer allow anyone to walk in whenever they want due to some theft, so we have to make an appointment to have our realtor open the house for us. We were happy to see they have made good progress! I had some requests for interior pictures, so my hubby took some this trip.

Master Bathroom Vanity


More Kitchen

They installed the gutters and painted the exterior trim (except the gutters), installed countertops (except the backsplash), installed the vinyl flooring in bathrooms and utility room, and installed all outlets and switches and some recessed lighting! The realtor said he'd guess we're about 20 to 30 days from being done, which puts us right around when our closing date is supposed to be, January 1. It's getting more exciting everytime we go out there!

Living Room with gas fireplace

View of part of the backyard


Darcy said...

Wow!!! Isn't it fun to watch your brand spankin new house be put together. It's exciting!

I remember when we bought this house...I was obviously still working at Loma Linda, the house was on my way home to the condo. I would stop by here just to see what progress they'd made, etc. It's fun to look back at the pictures now.

Kim said...

Yeah, it is fun! I'm starting to get impatient though...I am ready to move in!


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