Friday, December 9

The Glory of His Name

Glory to God in the Highest

Roy Lessin

Co-Founder DaySpring Cards

The message of Christmas is not about the proclamation of a holiday or the declaration of a season. It is about the proclamation of a Person and the declaration of Salvation. The birth of the child in the manger was an event that prophets had written about, the people of Israel had spoken about, the patriarchs of old had wondered about, and the angels of God shouted about on that glorious night when Christ was born.

Turn back the clock 2000 years and you will hear no man or angel saying, “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” What you will hear are the things that spoke of the wonders of His name, the glory of His presence, and the meaning of His birth. You will hear the voice of the angel of the Lord proclaiming to a small band of shepherds the following good news, * “Have I got something to say to you! It’s news that is too good not to be true. It’s news that will flood you with joy from your head to your toes. God has done it! He has sent the One that He has promised to send, the Jewish Messiah, from David’s very seed. Yes, it is Yeshua, God’s Salvation, who has come to save you from your sins.” The news was so exciting that a huge number of angels could no longer contain themselves. In one thunderous voice they shouted out, * “Glory, glory to God in heaven’s highest place. He has sent to earth’s lowly place His gift of perfect peace, and it is now available for all who will believe.”

Why did the angels have such excitement and celebration? We only need to know the names that belong to Him to understand.

Jesus—the One who saves you from your sins and who brings you forgiveness from the past.

Christ—the One sent by God for you; the Messiah, the fulfillment of every promise God has made to you in His word; the only One anointed by God to redeem you.

Immanuel—the One who came from heaven to earth to bring you from earth to heaven; God living in the midst of your life, being with you, and abiding in you.

The Word—the One who formed you in your mother’s womb, brought you into existence, and created you for His eternal purpose.

Dayspring—the One who brought light to your darkness—bringing you the hope of a new day, a new beginning, and a new life.

Wonderful—the One who does wondrous things for you, good things to you, and beautiful things within you.

Prince of Peace—the One who quiets your heart, calms your spirit, and brings rest to your soul.

Counselor—the One who guides your footsteps, leads you in the paths of righteousness, and speaks the love of the Father to your heart.

May all Jesus is, and all He gives, be your true celebration this Christmas and always!

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