Tuesday, December 6

Tips Please!

One of my pet peeves is the constant asking for tips everywhere I go. I especially get irritated at Starbucks. When I stand in line, pay $3.50, and then wait in yet another line for a cup of coffee, I can't fathom any reason to give the cashier or barista a tip! I ran across this column today, and I thought it said it better than I could.

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Darcy said...

Great Article. I agree.

It's funny that you should post such a subject today. This morning Rachel and I took the car to get washed. As I was sitting there, knowing darn well, I should give the guy a tip, but knew that if I acted frantic with trying to put a 15 month old into the car seat, dealing with the bulky diaper bag of all the things I had gathered in the car that I didn't have a place to put when they vaccummed it out, that I could possibly take enough time where he'd just walk away. I mean come on, I just paid $10.99 for my car to get washed!!!! Do I really need to dish out a couple more bucks?? And to top it off I had to point out that they missed the dirt along the bottom of the van!

Did I tip?? Yeah I gave him a dollar....I was a sucker, felt pressured today. I'd like to say I was in the holiday giving spirit, but I wasn't. LOL.


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